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OnlineCasinoGraf gives a list of casino welcome bonus, currently offered by all online casino­s pr­esented on OnlineCasinoGraf. The casino welcome bonus, also known as a sign-up welcome bonus, is a way for a casino to greet you upon registration. Most often it is an amount of credits given by the casino, equal to a predefined percentage of your initial deposit, usually 100% or bigger.

$88 no deposit + 200% up to $300 as welcome bonus at 888casino
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$88 no deposit + 200% up to $300 as welcome bonus at 888casino
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$88 no deposit + 200% up to $300 as welcome bonus at 888casino
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What is a Welcome Bonus?

When it comes to welcome bonus, much like any type of casino welcome bonuses, it is vital to understand how they work. Once you have all the information regarding a deposit best welcome bonus, you will know exactly what you are getting, what you are in for, how much they are worth, etc.

So, what is a best welcome bonus? If you think of a welcome bonus as a way of an online casino saying ‘hello’ to you and celebrating your first successful deposit. What’s more, welcome bonuses have since their invention become a more-or-less mandatory element of each online casino. In fact, they are such a widely-spread concept in the gambling community that you would indeed be surprised to open up an account in a new online casino and not be greeted by their casino welcome bonus offer.

Casino Provider
Bonus Offer
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$88 no deposit + 200% up to $300 as welcome bonus at 888casino
Play Now
$88 no deposit + 200% up to $300 as welcome bonus at 888casino
Play Now
$88 no deposit + 200% up to $300 as welcome bonus at 888casino
Play Now

Casino operators use their welcome bonus to greet you and, by introducing appealing casino deals, attract new players. It is not a rare thing to see casinos competing to offer the best welcome bonus and the most lucrative bonuses. The best welcome bonuses casinos are often referred to as first deposit bonuses or sign-up bonuses that are given to new players as a welcoming gift, and in most games only, or for all of them, depending on the operator.

Even though the many casino welcome bonus percentages that you will run into is 100%, the percentages can range from 1000% to 300% or even 600%, if the bonuses are a part of a welcome bonus casino package.

The best welcome bonuses casinos packages are another type of bonus offer that you may come across after signi-ng up at an online casino. Almost all of the welcome bonuses packages offered, if not all of them, are several best casino welcome bonus offers thrown together, wrapped with a nice bow. The packages often consist of 3 offers for the first 3 deposits, but they can go even up to 10 casinos bonuses in one package.

An alternative to this would be a free play welcome bonus no deposit which some casinos tend to offer. In this case, upon registering, you will be getting a certain amount of free spins casino online credits that you need to spend within a certain time frame.

On the other hand, don’t get surprised if you run into a casino that offers an extra welcome bonus in addition to the welcome bonus no deposit casinos offer if you decide to use the specified payment method that they are trying to promote. Usually this is an e-wallet payment, but these are not that common to come across though.

Cashable or Non-Cashable Welcome Bonus No Deposit Casino?

Another distinction between deposit welcome bonuses, regardless of their type, is: cashable bonuses and non-cashable bonuses. Whichever casino best welcome bonus offers you come across, the important thing is to pay attention to which category it belongs.

A non-cashable bonus is often referred to as a sticky bonus, as well. The reason it is called this way is because you will be eligible to spend it by playing various games, but you will not be eligible to actually keep the money you won.

However, as you can imagine, it is a different story with cashable welcomes bonuses. If the bonus you’re considering claiming is cashable, you will be eligible to keep the money won. However, before you do, there is certain criteria you will need to meet – first and foremost, the wagering requirements. 

Whether it’s a welcome bonus casino or another type of bonuses, usually they will come with their own specific wagering requirements. We make sure to include this information with every bonus we list on our website. However, it is advisable that you always make sure to read the bonus Terms and Conditions in full, as that is the only way to know exactly what to expect from said bonus offer.

Different operators have different wagering requirements attached to their bonuses, but the most common ones out there range from x50 to x100. Still, don’t get surprised if you run into a bonus that has, for example, a x200 wagering requirement. Anything can happen, which is why the bonus Terms and Conditions are always your best friend.

Lastly, there are indeed a handful of casinos that offer casino welcome bonuses. However, these welcome bonuses usually offer much smaller amounts than those that do have wagering requirements. And – it bears repeating – it is best you check the Terms here, too, for fine print may uncover additional info you haven’t gleaned at first glance.

Finding the Most Suitable Welcome Bonus

The main reason why there are so many different welcome bonus offers out there is not only because the online casino choice is vast, but also because many players have different preferences. When choosing the bonus that will suit you best, the most important thing is to do is always read the fine print. Still, apart from that, there are a few more things you should invariably pay attention to.

Since nowadays the choice of online casinos, and thus bonuses, is vast, finding the best casino with the best offers might be a tough task from time to time. Therefore, make sure to investigate each casino before taking a closer look at bonuses; don’t just go for the first one you lay your eyes on.

Once you have chosen an online casino, you should check out the bonus percentage offered and compare it to several different casinos before signing up. Another good thing to pay attention to would be the maximum amount that will be credited to you once you make a deposit, as well as the information regarding what the maximum bet you can make while using an active bonus is.

But that’s not all. Another key ingredient while choosing casino bonuses is the minimum deposit amount. Make sure you are always aware of what this number is, so that there aren’t any unpleasant surprises.

As we’ve already stressed, better welcome bonus casinos. Terms and Conditions are the fine print of it all, so make sure you truly recognize its importance. Since bonus Terms is where you will find all the necessary information, like wagering requirements that you need to meet, what games contribute towards the wagering requirements, or how many days you will have to meet them, never skip them. In most cases, this eligibility comes down to 7 days, but it can be more. Again, the rule of thumb is: check. 

Claiming a Casino Welcome Bonus

One of the most important steps in claiming a bonus is doing research and choosing which casino will suit you best. Once that step is complete, and the decision has been made, the next one would be signing up.

Don’t forget to check how the chosen casino handles their promotions, as it can be done through bonus codes or they can be claimed automatically. Once you have that figured out, you will need to navigate to the cashier section after you get an account. From there you will be able to claim the bonus by redeeming the bonus code after the required minimum deposit has been made. Still, if there is no option visible in the cashier section, you will probably have to send that code to the casino’s support team.

If the casino welcome bonus is code-based, the bonus code should be displayed in a visible place. On the other hand, if the bonus does not get redeemed via a code, it will usually happen automatically. However, sometimes you will be asked to contact the support after the deposit has been made, nonetheless.

When it comes to welcome bonuses, the first deposit usually ranges between 10 and 25 credits, but this is also one of the things that varies from one casino to another, and yet another reason why you should read the bonus Terms and Conditions in depth. 

Best Welcome Bonuses Casinos for a Good Start

The welcome bonus is how a casino celebrates your first successful deposit, so make sure to claim yours and start having fun. Below is the list of bonuses that we are keeping up to date, and the ones listed below are the latest ones available. All of them are handpicked for you, so take a few moments to browse our welcome bonuses list and find the bonus offer you consider the most appealing one.

Recommended Casino Strategy

Manage Your Bankroll

We cannot stress this enough, and you'll see this everywhere on our site. Have a wagering strategy, don't bet more than you can afford to lose, and never chase losses.

Play Games Your Understand

It seems silly to have to recommend this, but know the rules of the games you play. Read over guides, know the odds, and don't waste money playing a game you don't understand.

Find A Great Bonus

Whether it's a welcome bonus, free spins, a VIP program or something else entirely, the best online casino rewards you just for signing up. If they're not offering a bonus, walk away.


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