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Welcome to the best Live Casino Online! Have you ever been interested in combining the best of both worlds with an online casino live dealer? Doing so gives you the benefit of taking the convenience of the live online casino world and putting it together in the same package as the personality and grace that comes with having live dealer casinos hand you the cards or spin the wheel.

This is what the casinos with live dealer websites are dedicated to bringing you. There are so many great online casinos out there with a better online live casino that you can easily see everything available to you and then make a decision about which casino’s live dealer compliment you will be trying out first.

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Live Dealer Casinos Online

The casino live dealer concept doesn’t take away from the online casino at all. You still have a wide selection of mobile casinos, a great bonus, and a promotional package in most cases and you can still access the conventional live online casino if you’d like to play some of those as well. In most cases, the live dealer games are just added onto the main body of the live casino online, allowing you to go through the same download and setup process while getting a value-added service once you’re done.

If this idea appeals to you, take a look around the live casino online dealer options that are available to you. Find your favorite live casino game like live dealer roulette, baccarat, blackjack, pai gow, sic bo, free bingo no deposit. There are some easily recognizable big names in this marketplace right now and as soon as you understand what the options are, you’ll be well poised to make a good final decision about where you’d like to go as a start. Read top live casino online, read articles, and play at the best online live casino.

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$88 no deposit + 200% up to $300 as welcome bonus at 888casino
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$88 no deposit + 200% up to $300 as welcome bonus at 888casino
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$88 no deposit + 200% up to $300 as welcome bonus at 888casino
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Find a Top Live Casino

OnlineCasinoGraf features a top list of live casinos online that guarantee to deliver only the best in every way. Players can look forward to interacting with friendly, professional, and efficient dealers who know they're and who know how to entertain. We make sure that our featured live casinos use the best technology to deliver a smooth gaming experience without any glitches or interruptions. Read excellent reviews on Live Casinos Dealer where you can see what is available and what you can choose from in terms of banking methods. We provide comprehensive reviews where you can get info on payouts, security, customer support, and much more.

Get Exclusive Bonuses with OnlineCasinoGraf

We present our readers with fantastic bonus offers that you will only be able to redeem via our website. These include special sign-up bonuses that are available to all new players and loads of ongoing offers such as reload bonuses and free casino chips. To keep things interesting we will be changing these offers from time to time with brand new casinos rewards that you can redeem at our top featured live casino. Any Live Casinos will offer you a Great Sign-Up Bonus and offer the best live casino online available on the Web. Check-in with us again for exclusive promotional offers and other free give-aways that you can claim instantly via our website.

What are Live Casinos?

Live Casinos Dealer online bridges the gap between playing at standard online casinos and playing at land-based live casinos. The one thing that many gamers miss when playing at online casinos is human interaction and thanks to Online Live Casinos it is now possible to get the best of both worlds! Since technology has advanced a lot over the past few decades it is now a feasible option to play at live casinos via streaming technology. You can play your favorite live casino straight from your laptop whilst interacting with a real dealer on the other end with clear visuals on your computer screen! Some casinos offer an online live casino to get you playing without the need of making a deposit.

How Do Live Dealer Casino Games Work?

Dealers in Live Casino Games that are played from your personal computer over the internet via live video streaming technology, between you and the casino. Players get to see a real person deal their cards or spin the Roulette wheel in real-time right in front of them whilst still being in their comfort zone. The most popular live casino games include Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat, with some Live Dealer Casinos offering Sic Bo. There are also many different variations of the available at top live casinos. Enter and experience Mystical wins with the Golden Ring! Play Lord of the Rings Slots and see if you can handle the Awesome Power of the Golden Ring.

Why Do People Choose OnlineCasinoGraf?

OnlineCasinoGraf consists of a group of very skilled and talented people, ranging from journalists to professional gamblers. This enables us to provide you with high-quality content that is useful, informative, and practical, with everything from casino reviews to our strategy guides. We make it very easy for you to find the casino that you are after and then we continue to add to your experience by offering exclusive bonuses and helpful game-guides that you can refer to at any time. Players can also get great tips on a live casino that will help you improve yours.

What is New at Live Casinos Dealer?

Remember to keep checking in with OnlineCasinoGraf for the latest in live online entertainment! We keep our readers up to date with payout information, new game releases, and exciting promotions. Check out our fantastic live casinos and claim your exclusive rewards today!

What makes Live Casinos so much fun?

Live Casinos are so much fun because you get the best of both worlds. You can experience the thrill of a real dealer at a live casino without getting off your couch. You get to play with some of the best poker players in the world without having to change out of your pajamas. Not a bad deal if I do say so myself.

Game Selection

My favorite part of a live casino is game selection. There are so many awesome live casinos for you to choose from that you’ll never get bored. A couple of my personal favorites are:

  • Live Dealer Poker – This is truly one of the best Live Casino Games out there. Poker, at its heart, is an interactive game that requires players to react to one another’s gaming strategies. Live Dealer Poker brings back this fine tradition while maintaining the convenience of an Online Casino.
  • Live Roulette – There’s nothing more fun than watching the roulette wheel spinning round and round. Will you win? Is your bet correct? You’ll only know when that little ball that could change your entire life falls into its slot. What’s wonderful about live roulette is that you can experience the thrill of the game from your own home.
  • Live Dealer Blackjack – It’s you against the dealer and with live dealer blackjack at least you can face your opponent head-on. Work towards beating the dealer’s hand but make sure that your hand value is not above twenty-one. Go on and beat that dealer!
  • Sic Bo – This might not be everyone’s favorite Live Casino Game because so many people don’t know about it. Sic Bo is one of the latest Online Casino additions and can be categorized as an ‘Asian Game.’ I love it because it provides me with a new and exciting game when I get bored with the more traditional games. All you need to do in Sic Bo is to bet the outcome of the roll of the 3 dice. It’s a game of fate and you don’t have to worry about understanding too many cumbersome rules.
  • Live Baccarat – If you’re not new to the world of Online Casinos you’ll be aware that Baccarat is one of the easiest card games to learn. Give it a try and I’m sure that you’ll love it as much as I do.
  • Casino War – This is the simplest of all the Live Casino Games! It’s not available on every live casino yet but it will be soon. If you just want a relaxing card game while you’re relaxing on a Sunday afternoon then this is the game for you. The basic aim is that the card that you are dealt with should always be higher than the dealers. See? It’s simple even for beginners.

Recommended Casino Strategy

Manage Your Bankroll

We cannot stress this enough, and you'll see this everywhere on our site. Have a wagering strategy, don't bet more than you can afford to lose, and never chase losses.

Play Games Your Understand

It seems silly to have to recommend this, but know the rules of the games you play. Read over guides, know the odds, and don't waste money playing a game you don't understand.

Find A Great Bonus

Whether it's a welcome bonus, free spins, a VIP program or something else entirely, the best online casino rewards you just for signing up. If they're not offering a bonus, walk away.


There is a lot of online gambling information out the, and it can often be a challenge to find a quick answer to your question. Below we have compiled a list of the most common questions that we receive from casinos with regards to the topic.

What are the top payout Casinos?

In our list you can find the top payout casinos. RTP rates are actually determined by games, however, and not casino sites. To get an accurate picture of possible payouts, look at the RTP rate found in the game you are playing.

What is the payout rate of a casino and how to calculate it?

A payout rate refers to the return to player rate. It is a number that comes in the form of a percentage. The RTP of a game represents the theoretical return a player can expect from a game should they play over and over again. These are proven by testing agencies.

What is the best payout for an online casino?

The  highest online slot RTP changes frequently, as new games are being released on a regular basis. To get the most up-to-date information, click through to our list.